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Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Exp. Sympathy And The Exercise for Listening - Speaking

Exp. Sympathy
(Listening and Speaking )

Showing Sympathy

You have my deepest sympathy
What a terrible situation for you
I do sympathize ( I assure you)
I’m extremely sorry to hear that
Oh what a shame…
Oh that’s awful
Oh dear, sorry to hear that
Let me offer my condolences
Poor you
That’s pity
How poor you are

Thank you
Thanks for your sympathy
Thanks for your kindness
Thanks for your attention
That’s very kind of you
That’s life
There’s nothing that can be done about it
It’s God will, I suppose
God gives and God takes away.

Exercise 1 
Listen to the teacher and choose the best response from the expressions you hear.

For example:
You will hear: My sister got a car accident last night. The best response is
a. Oh, really? It’s nice to hear that
b. Oh, really? I’m sorry to hear that
The correct response is (b)

1. a. Oh. That’s a good news
b. Oh, that’s a bad news
2. a. How terrible!
 b. I’m delighted to hear that
3. a. Is that right? That’s too bad
 b. Is that right? How nice! I’m happy with that.
4. a. I’m sorry to hear that
 b. How poor she is
 5. a. Oh really? That’s too bad
     b. Oh really? That’s great

     Answer key
     1.  You win a free ticket to Bali
     2. My brother got an accident last night
     3. Your friend  hurt himself when playing football
     4. You know what, Our teacher’s father jut passed away
     5. I’m so happy. My father bought me a motorcycle

Exercise 2

Listen to Belle, expressing her sympathy in a letter of condolence. Fill in the blanks then, underline any sympathy expression used in the letter.
Jayapura Street 25
                                                                                    27 June 2005

…… (Dear)……….. (1) Mr. Indian,
            I have just learned of the …… ( death ) ………..(2) of Tommy, your beloved pet. I share the grief that you are going through at this moment and convey my heartfelt … (condolences) ……. (3).
            … (Please) …….(4) do not hesitate to write and tell me if I can be of any ……( hesitate)…….(5) to you in this hour of sorrow.

Sincerely yours,


Exercise 3
Work in pairs. Choose one situation and write a dialogue based on that situation then practice it your dialogue front of the class!

1.   You show your friend whose sister had just passed away three days ago. Conduct a dialogue to show your sympathy to him.
2.      You heard that your friend’s mother is ill. Express your sympathy to your friend.
3.      Your friend’s pet has passed away. Express your sympathy in letter of condolence.

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