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Jumat, 11 November 2011

DESCRIPTIVE TEXT ( Junior High School)

Describing Animal 
  • Social Function: to describe a particular person, place or thing.
  • Generic Structure: identification and description characteristic.
  • Significant Lexico grammatical Features: Focus on specific participants, use of attributive and identifying processes.

The Elephant

- Elephant is the biggest animal on land.
- Elephants are the only animal that has a trunk for
  a nose. 
- The elephant's tusks are long 
- Elephants have small eyes and a short neck.
- Elephants have big ears

 The Giraffe

- Giraffe is the tallest animals on the land.

- Giraffe has Long neck and long black tongue.
- The background coloring is cream with borders of  gold to 
  orange and the splotches are brown to black.

- Giraffe has large and lustrous eyes.

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